Chai Liyuan talks about "My Science Dream" and launches a series of online lectures for academicians

Time:2020-07-01    Author:891

   On the afternoon of June 12, the first lecture of the online lecture series of academicians of Central South University "Integrating personal ideals into the national development great cause" was held in Studio 411 of Yuxiu Building. Chai Liyuan, an expert in metallurgical environmental engineering and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, told students about "My Science Dream".


From the end of the 1980s, he began to engage in the research of rare metal tantalum and niobium metallurgy, and now he is devoted to the prevention of heavy metal pollution and the green development of the non-ferrous industry. Chai Liyuan combed his unforgettable experience in his thirty-year scientific research journey. In particular, in recent years, he led the team members to respond to the national call for "green water and green mountains are the golden mountains and silver mountains", to overcome difficulties in the mid-environmental problems of the smelting process, and developed a series of innovative technologies to effectively deal with "three wastes" pollution, Realizing resource recovery and turning waste into treasure provide important support for protecting green water and green mountains. This is what Chai Liyuan is most proud of, and it is also where he feels the greatest life value given by scientific research.

From the initial scientific dream of "turning the stone into gold" and "no waste metallurgy" to the great cause of development that can integrate personal ideals into the country, when the personal dream and the Chinese dream resonate at the same frequency, the individual may have a broader stage. From his scientific dream, Chai Liyuan talked about the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and from the Chinese dream back to everyone's different dreams. He believes that a person must first have a dream, and then be able to use it as a guide to move forward. In the process of going forward, we should be diligent and think well, we must never lose ourselves in pursuit of excellence, we must be tenacious and can stand loneliness, and we must have the feelings of serving the country and working hard.

Standing in the wave of the new era, Chai Liyuan deeply lamented the great power of technological innovation to promote China's development and change the world. Facing the shortcomings and "stuck neck" of China's development, he hoped that his students would be patriotic and questionable in various fields. The scientific spirit of truth-seeking and innovation, study hard, strive for the prosperity of the motherland, and bloom its youthful glory in the great cause of realizing the Chinese dream.


In the interactive session, the students at the scene raised their hands to ask questions; the online audience discussed and wrote down the questions. Academician Chai exchanged views on "how to practice the general secretary's earnest entrustment", "how students need to improve the quality of scientific research" and "what books do they read every day". According to statistics, more than 150,000 people online and offline paid attention to the report.

It is reported that the online series of academicians of Central South University's "Integrating Individual Ideals Consciously into the National Development Enterprise" is an important measure to implement the relevant requirements of the Work Committee of the Ministry of Education. It aims to give full play to the educating role of high-quality ideological and political education resources and make more Many students receive inspirational education.