Professor Wang Wanlin and Dr. Zhang Haihui from the school of metallurgy and environment in central

Time:2018-10-25    Author:4713

       October 14-18,2018 Materials Science & Technology, hosted by ASM International, American Institute of Iron and Steel (AIST), Mineral Metal Materials Association (TMS), etc., held in Columbus, Ohio, USA .Professor Wang Wan-lin and Dr Zhang Hai-hui in school of Metallurgy and environment won the Marcus A. Grossmann Young Author Award.This award is the first time awarded  metallurgical scientists in mainland China.

       The award mainly commends Professor Wang Wanlin's team in the international metallurgical authoritative journal Metallurgical Materials Transactions B. ?Mold Simulator Study of Heat Transfer Phenomenon During the Initial Solidification in Continuous Casting Mold? (Met Trans B. Vol. 48, 2017, online 2016) . In this paper, the mold heat transfer back-calculation model is established by Mold Simulator technology, and the temperature distribution of the initial continuous casting shell-protective slag-crystallizer, the thermal resistance evolution of the meniscus and the heat transfer behavior are clarified.

       Marcus A. Grossmann Young Author Award was established by ASM International in 1960,to commemorate its former chairman of society Dr.Marcus A. Grossmann,and to encourage young metallurgy and materials scientists,belongs to international level award,has strong influence in the world metallurgical field. Professor Wang Wanlin's research group studied the heat transfer at the mold interface, the evolution of the slag film, the temperature field of the mold, the surface quality of the slab, and the continuous mold solidification process in the mold metallurgy research process in recent years. The mutual relationship model of casting parameters solves the problem of mold slag development and process optimization in steel continuous casting process, and establishes a new technology for efficient initial control of mold steel liquid, which provides theoretical support for the development of green and high-efficiency steel continuous casting technology.