Catalyst Design of Perovskite Oxide for Air Pollution Control

Time:2018-10-25    Author:2969

Report Title:Catalyst Design of Perovskite Oxide for Air Pollution Control

Reporterr: Professor Yongchang Jiukuan

Reporting location: Room 301, Metallurgy Hall

Reporting time: Friday, October 19, 2018, 10 am

ntroduction: Einaga Hisahiro graduated from the Department of Industrial Chemistry of the University of Tokyo with a Ph.D. in Applied Chemistry from the University of Tokyo in 1997. He is currently a professor at Kyushu University in Japan and a material science department at the Graduate School of Integrated Science and Engineering. His research interests include catalytic material design and environmental catalytic applications, especially in the field of harmful gas pollution control and purification. He has published 105 academic papers in Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, Environmental Science & Technology, Chemical Engineering Journal and other journals. He cited 3,462 times and H index 34.

Report summary: Air pollution control is an important technology for improving the quality of life. Due to the liberal regulation on air pollution over many countries, it is highly required that the catalysts with no use of noble metals be developed. As the inexpensive catalysts to replace noble metal The catalysts of the catalyst and the shape of the perovskite oxides, High activities for CO oxidation and diesel soot can be obtained.