Institute of Light Metals and Industrial Electrochemistry (ILMIE) is a research institute under the direct administration of School of Metallurgy and Environment in Central South University. ILMIE was established in 1992 on the basis of Aluminum Electrolysis Research Group in Department of Non-ferrous Metallurgy of formal Central-South Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. ILMIE is a comprehensive institute covering teaching, scientific research and technology application. Prof. Liu Yexiang, an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Prof. Li Jie, Changjiang scholar distinguished professor, are principal investigators of ILMIE. ILMIE has now 24 faculties, including one academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, six professors (all are doctoral supervisors), 12 associate professors/ senior engineers/ senior experimentalists, and 5 lecturers/ engineers. ILMIE has about 70 master graduates and 30 doctoral candidates. ILMIE has been responsible for about 10 courses of undergraduate and graduate students, such as “Light metals metallurgy”, “Carbon Materials”, “Introduction to New Energy Materials and Devices”, “Fundamentals and Applications of Chemical Power Sources”, “Energy Storage Materials and Technology”, “Development dynamic of Metallurgical Engineering” and “Developments in new energy materials and devices”. Each year ILMIE trains and directs about 10 doctoral candidates, 20 master graduates, and guide more than 40 undergraduates for their thesis or design. ILMIE aims to achieve the energy conservation and emission reduction of metallurgical processes via interdisciplinary research strategy. ILMIE’s research interest covers non-ferrous metallurgy, material metallurgy, electrochemical engineering, new energy materials and devices, such as (1) Light metals (Aluminum, Magnesium) metallurgy, (2) Functional electrode material and energy conservation technology, (3) Computer simulation and control of metallurgical process, (4) Melt-salt electrochemistry, (5) Carbon materials, (6) Powder materials, (7) Porous metals and foam materials, (8) Energy storage materials, devices and power source systems (including lithium ion battery, super capacitor, lithium-sulfur battery and lithium-air battery), (9) thin film solar cell and solar energy utilization. ILMIE has undertaken more than 100 research projects supported by National 973 Plan Project, National 863 Plan Project, National Science and Technology Pillar Project, National Natural Science Foundation Project, Major Science and Technology Projects of Hunan Province and research projects from domestic/foreign enterprises. More than 300 academic papers were published in domestic and foreign authoritative/significant journals, among which about 200 papers were indexed by SCI/EI. 6 academic books were published, such as “Modern aluminum electrolysis”, “Functional electrode material and its application” and etc. More than 60 invention patents were applied and successfully authorized. About 10 scientific and technical payoffs were developed, promoted and applied with huge social benefit and economical benefit, such as “electrolytic lithium anode paste energy-saving technology”, “intelligent electrolytic process control system”, “energy-efficient low-voltage electrolytic control technology”, “electrolytic TiB2 cathode coating technology”, “high-density high voltage lithium ion battery cathode material of lithium cobalt oxide” and etc. We were awarded 2 items of National Science and Technology Progress First Place Award, 3 items of National Science and Technology Progress Second Place Award, more than 10 items of provincial and ministerial-level first place award. Several high-tech companies were incubated and developed based on the scientific research group and scientific research payoffs, such as “Hunan CSU Yeshine Science & Technology Ltd.”, “Hunan Reshine New Material Ltd.” and “Hunan CSU Metallurgy design Ltd.” Address: Rm. 318, Metallurgy Pavilion, main campus of Central South University, Yuelu district, Changsha, Hunan Province, P.R. China. Tel.: 86-731-88830474